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EU liberals refuse to join up with Italy's eurosceptic Five Star Movement

The leader of Italy’s Five Star Movement Beppe Grillo made a failed move to join forces with a pro-European Union (EU) group on Monday – a decision that has left many scratching their heads as to what the anti-establishment party’s position really is on Europe. Party members were asked to vote in an online poll as to whether they wanted to leave the eurosceptic Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy group (EFDD).
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Everything you need to know about the Italian referendum

Italians are heading to the polls on Sunday to decide whether or not to change the constitution. The current system was adopted in 1948 in an attempt to avoid a return to fascism. The constitution has long been the cornerstone of Italian democracy, but it has often been blamed for stagnation in the country, since the bicameral nature of the Italian parliament means that the upper and lower houses effectively have the same powers.
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RoBOt festival’s quiet rave culture revolution

The future of raving isn't raving. Dance music is finding a new voice inside intimate venues, and via doze-offs not dance-offs. Mauro Galluzzo heads to Italy's RoBOt festival to find out why. Bologna, the capital of the Emilia-Romagna region, is a city steeped in history and culture. Known as la Rossa "the Red" because of its left-leaning tendencies, it's today the unlikely place where electronic music is reinventing itself.
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How Italians are making their way in London

In a period when European immigration is continuously debated in politics, a new documentary offers an emotional self-analysis that reveals the strengths and weaknesses of Italians living in London. Mauro Galluzzo meets the director of INFLUX, Luca Vullo.
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Same-sex unions are not enough, say Italy's exiled gay parents

For Italian families living abroad, the spectre of discrimination against gay couples lives on in restrictive adoption laws which can lead to gay parents having no legal rights over their children by a largely conservative, Catholic and sometimes hostile court system.
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The Italian activists helping Syrian refugees seek asylum

Channel 4 News uncovers a network of underground bloggers and activists operating across Europe, who are helping thousands of Syrian refugees desperate for asylum. The European Commission is due on Wednesday to unveil its EU migration agenda in the wake of hundreds of deaths off the coasts of Libya and Italy as they were trying to make their way to a new life in Europe.
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The Mediterranean's deadliest migration sea routes

The boat, carrying about 550 migrants in total, flipped 24 hours after leaving the Libyan coast, according to some of the 150 survivors who were rescued. The survivors were mostly sub-Saharan Africans. Officials say there has been a marked rise in the number of people trying to sail from the north African coast to Europe, with 8,500 rescued from the sea since Friday say the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).
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Lampedusa: why are so many migrants dying at sea?

On Tuesday, 846 migrants were rescued at sea in Sicily - including 120 women and 40 children. A dead body was also recovered off the coast of Libya, bringing the number of casualties up to eight since the weekend. The new arrivals bring the total number of migrants rescued in the Mediterranean to more than 15,000 since the start of the year, according to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).
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Yarmouk: inside the Syrian refugee camp under siege by Isis

Yarmouk in Syria is "beyond inhumane" - according to a United Nations Relief and Works Agency spokesperson - but how much do we know about the Palestinian refugee camp? Chris Gunness, from the UNRWA, on Monday called for a "political framework" to solve the crisis and allow humanitarian aid to be delivered on the ground.
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Lampedusa remembered one year on - but has anything changed?

Twelve months ago, Italy's conscience was rocked by the sight of the bodies of hundreds of migrants shipwrecked at Lampedusa - one year later and the mood is very different. Above: a mural representing immigrants' faces on a wall is pictured at the Lampedusa port soon after the disaster. Survivors and victims' relatives gathered in Lampedusa's port on Friday as they honoured the anniversary of a migrant-boat wreck off the southern Italian island's coast, which took the lives of 366 African refugees fleeing to Europe on 3 October 2013.
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Lampedusa: redefining Italy's conscience on immigration

As Italy declares a state of emergency following the Lampedusa disaster, Channel 4 News asks if social attitudes towards immigration are changing. Italy's navy on Tuesday rescued about 370 migrants in the waters between Sicily and Libya as the government deployed ships, helicopters and unmanned drones to help avert further shipwrecks that have already drowned hundreds this month.
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Can flowers really hide Italy's race problem?

With the MP who racially abused Italy's first black cabinet minister promising he will send her flowers to apologise, Channel 4 News looks at the wider issues surrounding racism in Italy. Senior Northern League figure Roberto Calderoli (pictured bottom), vice-president of the senate, told a political rally at the weekend that Integration Minister Cecile Kyenge (pictured below) had "the features of an orangutan".
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Mauro Galluzzo

Mauro Galluzzo is now available for commissions and shifts, having recently moved back to London from Italy.

He specialises in Italian news, culture, politics, the refugee crisis, immigration and travel.

He has experience in broadcasting and newspapers and has worked as a Social Media Editor.

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